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Have you ever had the experience where you were sitting among a group of friends and someone said something completely ‘normal’ which made you, and only you, laugh out loud? No-one else had the same reaction, yet to you it was without a doubt hilarious. What caused this?


Due to context, you interpreted something completely differently than everybody around you. Much like context influenced your reaction, so also context influences architecture.

Besides combining beauty, function and structure to create space, context also has an immense effect on architecture. Bamboo is an excellent material to use in China, they even use it to build scaffolding with. Here in South Africa, well, that might not work as good (for now at least). A ‘bosveld lapa’ might look weird atop a skyscraper in Fourways, but place it among Monkey-thorn trees just North of Bela-Bela and everyone wants to braai there. Context itself has many factors: people, material availability, budget, social and political environment, etc.

But, instead of seeing this as a constraint, we at Sky City Architects see context as opportunity. Is your project somewhere remote where only two or three types of materials are available? Have you got a tight budget? Do you want to build a specific type of building, but you aren’t sure about the detail and whether it will sell in that area? We’ll gladly take on the challenge with you.

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