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What is Architecture?


What is architecture? This question has been in the thoughts of many an architect, designer and even dreamers. Is it about buildings? Or specifically beautiful ones?

One of the oldest architects ever to ask this question was Vitruvius. He lived in the first century BC and wrote what is today known as one the oldest set of books on architecture. His famous three principles of structure, function and beauty can still be applied today. Le Corbusier also speculated about architecture’s definition, mentioning mass, surface and light, as did Robert Venturi after him, discussing in fine detail how “complex and contradictory” architecture can be. Together with all these aspects architects nowadays incorporate context, ecological design, social impact and materiality (to mention a few) into the spaces they design.

Here at Sky City Architects we believe that architecture is about space and that space is complex. It has beauty, function and structure, and to create excellent architecture is to combine these elements into your space. Whether you want a cosy house or a dynamic office environment, we will always aim to create the perfect space for you by means of excellent architecture.

Just ask us how.

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